Sark Newspaper 30 November 2018

In less than a week Edric Baker had penned a letter to ‘Sark Estate Ltd’ demanding to know when the fields opposite Guille’s abode would be altered to suit ‘uncle’ Reg’s criteria. True to form Guille’s one-party state propaganda ma- chine also kicked into action to support ‘uncle’ Reg’s latest attack on businesses and jobs in Sark. His niece Rosanne Guille, an ex-member of Sark’s wholly unelected parliament who resigned office without an explanation immediately posted a cartoon depicting her, her sister Stephanie, and their friends celebrating the criminal destruction of tens of thousand of pounds of Sark’s vineyard vines. Unsurprisingly Reginald Guille’s chief propagandist Susan Daly, partner of the ex- member of Chief Pleas Andrew Cook was the first to post her approval of ‘uncle’ Reg’s niece’s celebration of the loss of the 30 vineyard jobs. Cook is remembered by the working men and women of Sark as the man who publicly declared that if they didn't have a job they should quit moaning and get out and find another one. As a direct result of the actions of the unelected Reginald Guille, his second-in-command Edric Baker and their supporters, 30 jobs that would have kept people employed through a long hard winter on Sark no longer exist. Instead of hang- ing their head in shame they are to be found gloating over their victory 11 ‘UNCLE REG’ CANNOT STOP LYING