Sark Newspaper 30 November 2018

10 The Island is currently in an unprecedented crisis, but this hasn’t stopped the une- lected Reginald Guille’s pur- suit of division and en- trenchment. Following the untimely passing of Stephen Taylor, Guille has now ma- noeuvred himself into the position of the chairman of Sark’s Policy & Finance Committee, a ‘super’ com- mittee that makes him the ‘Chief Minister’ of Sark. Not once has Guille faced the electorate. He has not received a single vote from the people of Sark. This stickler for procedure is passing legislation and making laws without a mandate from the people to do so. Guille is Sark’s 21st century manifestation of ‘uncle’ Joe Stalin. Known amongst his friends and supporters as ‘uncle’ Reg, he epitomises eve- rything that is wrong in Sark today. He does not govern for all Islanders, but only for the select privileged few. He made a small fortune for no- tarising tens of thousands of offshore director- ships on a ‘no questions asked’ basis, yet refused point blank to pay a single penny of his notaries fees into the Sark exchequer. Guille represents a dark period of Sark’s history that even today casts a shadow across the reputations of all of the Crown Dependencies of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. The Sark Newspaper does not have the luxury of hiding behind parliamentary privilege, but has no hesitation in identifying Reginald Guille as a dictator who has been at the epicentre of the state -sponsored economic ethnic cleansing that has devastated Sark’s economy over the past decade. Like all dictators, Guille has had his own way for so long that he is getting carried away with his own powers. When he leaves his house each morning he is confronted by the devastation that he and his fellow unelected would-be politicians have inflicted on Sark’s wine industry. A couple of fields opposite his house are still in the process of being converted from vineyards into prime grazing land. This is clearly unpalatable to Guille and he wants something done about it. On 9th November 2018 The Sark Newspaper car- ried a report in the wake of an emergency meet- ing of Chief Pleas: ‘On Tuesday evening Chief Pleas met to pass Guille’s re- vised budget, all of which was passed, true to form, without any debate at all. There was no debate or discussion on the impending crisis that threatens the Island’s elec- tricity supply, bar a few vague comments from the unelected William Raymond to the ef- fect that there was nothing Chief Pleas could do about it. Instead, the only meaningful speech came from the Island’s de facto dictator Reginald Guille.’ ‘Using parliamentary privilege, and to the bewil- derment of those attending, he launched an attack on the vineyards that he and his supporters had driven out of business. He claimed that since the vineyard fields were uprooted in January 2017, some work has been done by the landowners but not enough. He furthered that the fields remain eyesores with piles of sticks and noxious weeds and that this was particularly difficult for the people working hard for Sark’s ‘Britain in Bloom’ appli- cation. He continued that representations have been made to the land owners to return the fields to pastoral land as some of the fields have been, but others have not.’ ‘Following the meeting many were asking if Guille had finally cracked? What Island is the man in- habiting? Sark is enjoying a mini-renaissance in home-grown and reared produce and Sark Estate Management are at the forefront of the move- ment.’ Given that the Island was on the verge of meltdown with the threat of intervention from the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice, a col- lapsed economy and the pro- spect of the lights going out as a result of Guille and his fel- low unelected politicians tax- payer-funded attacks on Sark Electricity Ltd, many dismissed Guille’s com- ments as the rantings of a mad man. Not his sec- ond-in-command Edric Baker. Amongst all of the turmoil that the Island is currently facing he knew he had no choice but to follow ‘uncle’ Reg's’ directive. SARK IS IN AN UNPRECEDENTED CRISIS BUT WHEN REGINALD GUILLE SAYS JUMP - EDRIC BAKER ASKS HOW HIGH ? Reginald Guille Edric Baker