Sark Newspaper 12 April 2019

3 THE FACTS DO NOT LIE Sark’s tourism season traditionally begins on Easter weekend and finishes at the end of the au- tumn half-term holiday. From Good Friday 2018 through to 21st October 2018 the total num- ber of people travelling to Sark from Guernsey and Jersey was a little over 54,000. This figure overstates the number of tourists visiting Sark as it includes resident Islanders’ boat trips to and from the Island. The actual number of tourists visiting the Island in any one season is considera- bly below 50,000 per year. One has only to walk around Sark and see the number of hotels, guest houses, self-catering es- tablishments, campsites, restaurants, cafés, bars and public houses fighting for a slice of this mea- gre cake to understand the challenges facing the Island’s tourism industry. Nevertheless the cur- rent members of Chief Pleas, elected or otherwise, look set to bury their heads in the sand and con- tinue to ignore the needs of the Island’s principal economic driver, its tourism industry. The net result will be further unemployment this winter, further depopulation, higher tax bills for year- round Sark residents and further squandering of taxpayers money. The people of Sark are living under a rudderless government that finds itself under the control of the ‘old guard’. With no obvious leader amongst the new intake of younger democratically elected politicians the Island is set for another year of economic decline. Guernsey Press - 12th April 2019