Sark Newspaper 12 April 2019

2 Sark is unique in the free world. Unlike the Crown Dependencies of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, Sark is an independent state. It is free from the control of Westminster or Brus- sels, or for that matter its neighbouring Island of Guernsey. As such it is able to shape its own way in the world. Over the past decade the ability of Sark to de- fend itself from outside interference from West- minster, Brussels or Guernsey has been squan- dered by a small but powerful coterie of unelect- ed would-be politicians headed up by their ‘chief enforcer’ Reginald Guille. These were individu- als of the deepest dye. Their sole aim has been an unyielding defence of the regime that they had always known. They protected their posi- tion by doing as little as possible as well as they could. They concentrated on the one issue they under- stood, the defence of their own powers and privi- leges. Since the hopelessly flawed Reform Laws of 2008, self-interest has reigned supreme amongst Reginald Guille and his supporters. Many of whom remain in Chief Pleas to this day, despite having not faced the electorate, not hav- ing received a single vote and, most importantly, having no mandate from the people to govern, make laws or pass legisla- tion. Since December 2012 Sark’s government has lacked the legitimacy to make laws or pass legislation. For over six years state officials including Reginald Guille and his sup- porters held office without having received a mandate from the people to do so. Even today would-be politi- cians such as the Island’s de facto ‘chief minister’ Peter, Samuel La Trobe-Bateman, and Alan Blythe, the head of the powerful Douzaine, a committee that meets behind closed doors and whose members are sworn to secre- cy, have no mandate from the people of Sark to govern on their behalf. The unelected Sandra Williams controls the Is- land's Tourism Committee and the Harbours & Shipping Committee. Despite having no man- date from the people of Sark to govern, she exer- cises supreme control over a sector of the econo- my in which she trades in direct competition with every other hospitality business on Sark. This conflict of interest and unfair advantage is further compounded by the fact that she pays no rent for her premises, the state-controlled Island Hall, and received a cash payment in 2018, from the government of which she is a member of, for £9,105 for the upkeep of her business premises. It is clear that all laws made, and all legislation passed since December 2012 have no legitimacy. For over six years Reginald Guille and his sup- porters introduced regulations through the pow- erful committee structures they controlled that have no foundation in democracy and are in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. Reginald Guille and his loyal lieutenant Edric Baker have, on the face of it, gone from Sark’s government. However, their influence via the remaining unelected members of the ‘old guard’ remains. Word on the street is that many of the newly democratically elected members that took their seats following the first general election to be held on the Island since 2012 are already receiving ‘guidance’ from the unelected Sandra Williams who, in turn, remains answera- ble to Reginald Guille and his supporters. The people of Sark deserve to be governed better than this. The newcomers to Chief Pleas have been given a mandate by the people to put a stop to the madness that has engulfed Sark for over a decade. They must set about repealing the un- necessary laws and regulation that Guille and his supporter passed in pursuit of maintaining their control over Sark and its people. They must stop the out of control state spending of taxpayers’ money by the ‘old guard’; something that is doc- umented in the following pages of this publica- tion. We need lower taxes to increase consumer spending. They must halt the policies of econom- ic ethnic cleansing that have decimated the Is- land’s population and resulted in fewer and few- er taxpayers. The time has come for the newly democratically elected politicians to stand up and be counted and to repay the trust put in them by the people of Sark to effect change. EVERY PIECE OF REGULATION CHIPS AWAY OUR FREEDOMS AND EMPOWERS THE STATE NOT MANDATED BY THE PEOPLE TO GOVERN ON THEIR BEHALF Alan Blythe Peter La Trobe- Bateman Christopher Nightingale Anthony Ventress Paul Williams Sandra Williams Pauline Mallinson