Sark Newspaper 10 January 2020

3 In June 2016 Boris Johnson deliv- ered a speech to the British people that was to set him on a course to delivering the most resounding Con- servative Party electoral victory of the 21st century and the greatest de- feat of the Labour Party since 1935. Reflecting on the will of the British people he stated: “ the end this decision is about the people, the right of people in this country to settle their own destiny. The very principles of our democracy, the rights of all of us to elect and re- move the people who make the key decisions in their lives. And I think that the electorate have searched in their hearts and answered as best they can in a poll the scale the like of which we have never seen before in this country. They have decided it is time to vote to take back control from a EU that has become too opaque and not accountable enough to the people it is meant to serve.” “It is the essence of our case that young people in this country can look forward to a more secure and more prosperous future, if we take back the democratic control which is the foundation of our economic prosperity. We have a glorious opportunity, to pass our laws and set our taxes entirely according to the needs of the UK, we can control our borders in a way that is not discriminatory but fair and balanced and take the wind out of the sails of the extremists and those who would play politics with immigration. The most precious thing this country has given the world is the idea of parliamentary democracy. Yes- terday, I believe the British people have spoken up for democracy in Britain and across Europe and we can be proud of the result.” A man in tune with those who live outside of the Westminster political bubble, Johnson had con- nected with the majority of hard-working men and women in the UK. Johnson had shown him- self as being that rarity amongst 21st century politicians; a political leader who recognised that, having achieved power via the ballot box, he was a servant of the people of Britain, not their master. Unlike the homogenised party lead- ers that have been served up to the UK electorate in recent years, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, David Camer- on and Theresa May, to name but a few, Johnson is a conviction politi- cian. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, he has shown a clarity of vision that connects with the common-sense direction that an overwhelming number of the UK population’s hard-working men and women wish to see the country trav- el in. A nation that makes its own laws, sets its own taxes, controls its own borders and manages its own economy. Boris Johnson has delivered all of this to the British people. He cannot now turn a blind eye to the Ministers and bureaucrats within his own Ministry of Justice who are illegitimately trying to intervene in the people of Sark’s very same rights to make their own laws, set their own tax- es, control their own borders and manage their own economy. He must call off the attack dogs of the Ministry of Justice. If he does not, he must brace himself for the backlash that will re- verberate around all of the UK Crown Depend- encies and Overseas Territories who will have no hesitation in defending their autonomy, inde- pendence and right to self-determination from interference from Ministers and bureaucrats of the UK Ministry of Justice. Not one citizen of the UK Crown Dependencies or Overseas Terri- tories has a vote in the UK elections, nor do they seek one. Not one citizen of the UK Crown De- pendencies or Overseas Territories has any rep- resentation in the UK parliament, nor do they seek any. Not one citizen of the UK Crown De- pendencies or Overseas Territories has given a single member of the UK parliament a mandate to govern over them. Sark’s autonomy, courtesy of a Crown Lease that originated in 1565, places its independence and right to self-determination above that of any UK Crown Dependency or Overseas Territory. This is something that Prime Minster Johnson may wish to bear in mind when he is lecturing the rest of the world on the principles of democ- racy and the rights of the people of Sark to de- termine their own future. A PRIME MINISTER WHO HAS STAKED HIS REPUTATION ON THE DEFENCE OF THE RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION 13th December 2019