Sark Newspaper 04 January 2019

9 The newly elected Conseillers will take their seats in Sark’s government well aware of their respon- sibilities. It is, however, incumbent on them to face up to the necessity of immediate action. Firstly to work together so as to gain the public’s trust by reforming committees by effective collec- tive voting and, secondly, by not being deflected from rational decision-making by unquestioning- ly voting through whatever is put in front of them. All members of the community, including the sit- ting unelected half of Sark’s government, have a role to play. Newly elected Conseillers need sup- port and encouragement whilst they strive to earn respect. Sark’s electorate fervently hopes that they will embrace transparency and ac- countability in accordance with the duties they accept upon taking office and abandon secrecy and decision-making behind closed doors. The public is entitled to witness debate which leads to rationality and common sense finally entering Sark’s political decision-making process. Mistakes will always happen but better they do in good faith rather than as a result of predeter- mined decisions dictated by vested interests and secret agendas. Sark’s newly elected Conseillers have the demo- cratic mandate to triumph by restoring the gen- eral public’s trust in their own government - trust that their government acts in the best inter- ests of the wider community and not just to the advantage of those who know how to put an agenda together and manipulate the various pro- cesses towards their own individual preferred conclusion. Judging by the election results the Sark public have not given up believing in democratic man- dates. For the sake of this Island’s future as a democratic, prosperous and independent juris- diction, there is an opportunity now for a re- freshed government of the type envisaged by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address of 1863 “ that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth ”. MANDATED BY THE PEOPLE TO GOVERN ON THEIR BEHALF Simon Couldridge Amanda de Carteret Christopher Drillot John Guille Ellen Lalor Rodney Lalor Philip Long Helen Plummer William Raymond NOT MANDATED BY THE PEOPLE TO GOVERN ON THEIR BEHALF Alan Blythe Reginald Guille Peter La Trobe-Bateman Sébastien Moerman Christopher Nightingale Anthony Ventress Paul Williams Sandra Williams Pauline Mallinson